From Bravo to MokkaA Life Full Passion for Coffee

In 1994 ''BRAVO'', had above 60% of the Greek Coffee Market Share. Part of our History is also the Brazilian Coffee Shop at Voukourestiou Str.1, which was the First Cafe Shop in Greece Serving Espresso.



MOKKA story begins in 1922 on Athinas Street 44, in Athens. There, Chris Samourkas opened the first family coffee shop. Coffee was offered to the customers always freshly roasted and freshly grounded. After the war and on the 1950’s Dimitrios Apostolidis, Chris Samourka’s nephfiou and Theodore Samourka, his son, began to open a chain of coffee shops. All the coffee shops had their own roasters so that coffee to be always freshly-roasted. For the family, coffee is considered, primary as a'pleasure'.


Famous coffee shops were on the Patission street Sophocleous Str, etc. Also on the 1950’s the family’s coffee brand was renamed to ''BRAVO',' the name that pioneered in the Greek market for many years. Those two great persons were very creative and innovative as a result of their shrewd business, and their love for coffee. Bravo coffee was always the best, 'BRAVO this is Coffee', was one of the advertising slogan. They were pioneered in the production line, network sales and marketing, as well as innovative in packaging such as vacuum-packaging,. Greek coffee ownes its name to these two great personalities, who were the first to call him 'Greek'. Until then the prevailing name was Turkish coffee. It was around 1960 when an advertising campaign said "We call our Coffee Greek."

ΚΑΦΕΚΟΠΤΕΙΟ ΜΟΚΚΑ ΑΘΗΝΑΣSo the name 'Greek Coffee' was introduced. Also BRAVO introduced the lighter roast color than the Turkish one, giving a more sweet taste in the end cup.In 1994 the company ''BRAVO'', which had a market share above 60%, was sold to the multinational Sara Lee. However the first historic coffee shop, continued until 1998 under the direction of Dimitrios Apostolidis and his grandson Nikos Psomas.

In 1999 the dream becomes reality, the family renovated the historic neoclassical building, the old coffee-shop and café, continuing the tradition (4th generation). We created a center of a 1000sq.m., in the historic city center, processing the highest coffee qualities using our secrets and passion, through our top-class facilities, giving to our company the first familly name MOKKA.

Part of our history is also the Brazilian coffee-store on the Voukourestiou Str.1. This historic cafe was founded by Mr. Saravanos and passed under the direction of Anthonios Psomas on 1980. The Brazilian coffee, is the first cafe in Greece serving espresso coffee as well as the house’s espresso blend. The Brazilian was for decades the haunt of great personalities like the painter Tsarouchis who painted and wrote, the famous 'Brazilian' poem. Other major customers were Averof and Rallis prime ministers, famous actors etc. Antonios Psomas was also a coffee-roaster with s great taste and the first one who forbidden the servicing of instant coffee drinks! The Brazilian coffee-store, till 1999 when it closed was servicing the Mokka espresso Fine blend.

Nikos Psomas worthy successor of the long tradition from 1999 is also enjoying considerable innovations. The tradition, taste, flavor and secrets is succesfully passing from generation to generation ...


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